Delete post revisions and disable revisions

  • 04.11.2018
  • Posted in: Plugins

This WordPress plugin allows you delete all post revisions and disable post revisions. Usage: 1. After activation plugin settings available on Del-Post-Rev settings page 2. To just delete the current post revisions, click the button "Delete post revisions and Save" 3. To disable revisions, check the checkbox "Disable post revisions" Download The SQL query that is used to delete post revisions: $wpdb->query(" ...

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This plugin allows you to add the following shortcodes to a page or post: Columns (12 col grid) Buttons Buttons with Ionicons icons or FontAwesome icons Toggles Tabs Icons block Services block Dividers Clear Note: If you set Divider Style - Double, you also need  set Divider Height - 4px Customizer settings Plugin Customizer contains the following settings: Change Button background, Button color, Button icon color...

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Ajax message

This wordpress plugin allows you send messages to email from a page, post or from any other location that you specify in template. It can be used as a shortcode or a widget. Has a admin settings page where you can change the names of fields, enable or disable captcha, add custom CSS code. Download Live Demo Name: Message: Enter code: awq23 ...

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